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Frequently Asked Questions, or What Would You Like to Know

Q.  What are your shipping charges?
Shipping costs are only quoted for U. S. destinations; unless otherwise stated, shipping is by U. S. Postal Service Priority Mail.  Contact store for international arrangements.  Shipping costs vary depending on shipping method.  Generally small items will ship for a flat rate of $5.80 per order.  Larger items will have increased costs which vary according to weight and distance.  Check individual items for special costs.  When a buyer choice exists, it will be displayed during the checkout process. Your total shipping charge will be displayed before you accept payment.

Q.  What about international orders?
International shipments must be approved in advance; our shipping schedule is not set up for international pricing.  International shipping will only be to countries where such items are permitted and there is reasonable expectation of trusted shipping.  Coins will not be shipped internationally.  Buyer is responsble for paying any and all custos and excise taxes and all value added taxes (VAT) to European Union countries.  The buyer is responsible for understanding local tariffs for imported good.  International shipments would be by United States postal service Priority Mail; buyer is responsible for internationl shipping and handling charges.

Q.  Where can I purchase an item in a retail store?
We don't have a regular retail store, so you can only make in-person purchases at one of our regular or special events.  We are at the Webster, FL market every Monday morning from about 9 AM to 1 PM.  We are also at the Leesburg, FL Saturday morning market on town square, weather permitting, 8 Am to 1 PM.  Check our news page for information about any local shows and festivals.

Q. Is local pickup available?
We do not have a regular retail outlet where we can offer local pickup.  With pre-arrangement you can pick up a paid item at one of our regular retail events or shows.

Q.  Can I use a credit card for purchase?
Online purchases can be paid using a credit card or PayPal account, if you have one; without a PayPal account you may pay directly with a credit card thorugh the PayPal service.  We accept credit cards at all local events; we use a full service merchant account service and provide a printed receipt for the purchase, except when data communication is not available..

Q.  How do I sterlize my crystal file at home?
For most people, there is no need to sterlize your file.  Cleaning procedures should generally be the same as you use for a metal file.  If multiple people share the same file, then it is recommended to throughly clean it between uses.  For stubborn debris, use a soft brush and soap and water to clean the file.  You can spray it with an antibacterial for further cleaning.  You may brush it with rubbing alcohol for a disinfectant cleaning.  True sterlization will generally be by using pressurized steam--not possble for home use.  For professional use, regular sterlization methods can be used for all transparent unpainted files.  Colored, crystal decorated, and painted file may not survive some sterlization techniques so they should be tested first.  Hard case files cannot be sterilzed by any heat method.

Q.  Can glass crystal files break?
Yes.  They are glass!  They are tempered glass which increases the strength of the glass, but they are glass and will break if abused.  We recommend storing your file in a strong case when stored with other items, such as in a purse.  The fill can break if dropped on a hard surface.  Please keep your file away from pets and children; broken pieces will be sharp and can cause serious injury.

Q.  Can I use my crystal file on pets?
Yes.  Crystal nail files are an ideal tool to use on pet nails.  They are more gentle than the coarse surface of a metal file or emery board.  Use a disinfectant to clearn the file after using it on a pet before using it for your own nails.

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