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Many items are on sale at our store from 16-31 March.


D & P Creations has been in business in central Florida since 2010.  We are an intinerant business with internet sales. We do occasional local events.


D & P Creations markets a variety of jewelry items, magnetic jewelry, Czech crystal nail files, and speciality items.  Custom in our Florida studio.


Crystal meets nails. . .   for a smooth finish.™

A quality glass crystal nail file is most coveted because it it easy to use and gives the best finish to your nails.

Our core line of crystal nail files from the Czech Republc has unique handpainted designs by our our owner.


 Youngevity.  As an extension to our own business, we are an Independent Marketing Director for Youngevity, a multinational distributor of so many different products:  Mialisia VersaStyle jewerly, jewelry lockets and charms, MK Collab jewelry and fashions, essential oils, 90 for Life nutritional products, healthy chocolates, coffee,  pet nutritionals, and more. Sales are only conducted from our Youngevity web site.  

 Exciting Youngevity Business Opportunities:

We will offer Mialisia VersaStyle jewelry and South Hill Designs lockets at our retail locations--local markes andl festivals, events, and craft shows. 

You may purchase all products online when you register as a preverred customer.  If you would like to be a casual distribution, the cost is only $25.  make the registration selections from our Youngevity store.



We strive to exceed the customer expectations with high quality materials and superior designs.
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Online Store

You cannot make purchases from this site.  Go to our D & P Creations online store for all purchases of our own products.  


Yungevity and Milisia Products are only available from the Youngevity distributor site


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